Clubs for Green Business Women


Like just about anyone involved in the wide world of business, women who wish to strike a balance between their professional lives and their penchant for green living may be on the lookout for other like-minded individuals to network with. While it's probably easy to find groups devoted to business or to environmental causes, it may be a little harder to uncover meetings of the mind that focus specifically on eco-business operations. But there are ways to scratch that networking itch and connect with other professional women that have the same basic goal: namely to do less harm to the planet through the course of operating one's business. And here are just a few ways to get in touch with those women.

The first and easiest place to look is online, where there are forums for literally every faction. You could start by seeking out industry forums and trying to find other environmentalists on them, or you might try environmental forums for your particular areas of interest (conservation, wildlife, habitat, etc.) and see if any business women are looking to connect there. But you may actually be able to find virtual meeting places that are particular to your green profession. And if you don't discover what you're looking for you could always start your own forum to get the ball rolling and see if there are others out there looking for the same things you are.

And if you want more of a real-world experience or you'd like to operate on a face-to-face basis within your community to enact change, consider attending a meeting of your city's Chamber of Commerce. You might not even be aware of other businesses in your area that are making efforts on behalf of the environment, and this could be a good way to trade names, shake hands, and discuss ways that businesses in the community can become more involved in the green movement. You may create long-term professional relationships, form partnerships, or even bring otherwise ignorant businesses on board with your eco-friendly mode of doing business. At the very least you will become familiar with other business leaders in your area.

But you don't necessarily have to make it all work and no play; just because you engage in eco-friendly business practices doesn't mean that your off time has to be entirely focused on your professional life. If you're looking for ways to have some fun even while you get to know green-business enthusiasts better, think about starting a recreational club that lives up to your green ideals. You could start a book club that reads only Kindle books instead of their paper counterparts (or you could read up on green topics). Perhaps you could entice business partners into joining environmental volunteer efforts or holding fund raisers for eco-friendly charities. Heck, you could even start a nature-hike club. The point is that there are plenty of ways to network that don't have to focus specifically on work.

Think of your efforts as the no balance transfer fee credit cards of the green world; you're helping people like yourself to connect and come together in a way that is better for all so that the debt of your carbon footprint is reduced all the more through consolidated thought and effort. And you'll gain a greater network of like-minded professional contacts in the process.

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